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VENet Best Practice Seminar in Brussels
Advantages for Companies

What are the Benefits and Advantages of VENet for Companies?

  • Potential employees receive qualification according to the needs of the respective company
  • The participants get an interdisciplinary qualification within the company network
  • Due to a company network, a single company is only responsible for part of the training and thus saves resources
  • The company has the possibility to see how potential employees work
  • Due to the mix of practical and theoretical training together with life skills training, the participants get an overall education
  • Training of life skills (team work, decision making, self responsibility etc.) enhances the productivity of employees
  • The participants get psychosocial support
  • The whole training is coordinated and organized by the VENet Management
  • The establishment of company networks is supported by the VENet Management
  • New cooperation possibilities between companies beyond qualification (development of new products, representation of interests)
  • The company adopts “Social Corporate Responsibility” and thus gains a better reputation in the market
  • Teaching experience of employees who are involved as „on the job” trainers for the beneficiaries

What we can offer you and how we will support you

  • Step by step instruction how to set up a VENet model
  • Best Practice Examples
  • Advising on how to adopt CSR
  • Information about the needs of the target group (young disadvantaged people)
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