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VENet Best Practice Seminar in Brussels
Advantages for Educational Istitutions

What are the Benefits and Advantages of VENet for Educational Institutions?

  • Acquisition of new clients
  • Ideas for new training
  • Practical training will take place in the companies
  • Companies give input about their needs (what has to be trained theoretically by the educational institutions)
  • Better integration of disadvantaged people into the labour market
  • New methods: Vocational training combined with personal support
  • Life skills applied on a personal basis: An educational package for each person
  • New and innovative curricula for the qualification

What we can offer you and how we will support you

  • Step by step instruction how to set up a VENet model
  • Best Practice Examples
  • End goals for what educational institutions need to teach
  • Input of needs of companies
  • Involvement of Human Resource Development Bodies into the various educational programmes
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